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Who has zubee coins?

With the increased decreasing activity recently, how can you find out quickly which sites haven't yet removed coins?

The list of zubee sites in the members area (registration required) is updated several times a day to show which sites have a current zubee coin subscription and what's required to collect them.

Some of the sites that have an active subscription may not actually offer the coins. I'm only checking that the subscription is current, not if coins are available.

What's required for collection is the description owners have added at zubeezone. This could be different if they have made changes on their site, but haven't updated their details at zubeezone.

It does show very quickly where coins are unavailable though, so if you are actively collecting, you can see from one page where coins may be available.

Is that all?

Early days, but I'm also demonstrating mods for the LFM scripts on this site. Commissions will be paid on referral purchases.

There are currently three LFM scripts.

LFM - The Membership Script.
The free script on which this site is built.

LFMTE - The Traffic Exchange Script.
The most popular script for building a Traffic Exchange.

LFMVM - The Viral Mailer Script.
The most popular script for building a Mailer.

While the scripts do work 'out of the box', they're pretty basic and all look the same. Customising your site design and adding features can help your site stand out from all the others. Plus I am creating tools to make the day to day tasks easier.

The list of sites with zubee coins is also a referral builder.

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