IM basics – use protection – one-time offers

One-time offers

One-time offers, or OTOs. A series of offers you will see when signing up to a new site outlining the benefits of purchasing an upgrade. Typically with a warning that you are never likely to see this offer ever again. It would be really nice if that warning was actually a promise. Unfortunately it very rarely is, and you will see the same series of offers every single time you log in.

One owner would always have six, followed by a login ad. If you could manage to fight your way through all the advertisements without getting chucked back to the login screen you were having a good day. It was largely due to this particular owner that I took the time to work out how to bypass the one-time offers. I have documented the method I use and published it within the resources section of the membership site.

Why do I have a problem with one-time offers? Until you have seen how the business operates and what it really has to offer, why would you want to be putting money into it.

When you sign up to a site, unless an upgrade at the site has been recommended by someone you really trust (know personally and trust implicitly – remember that anyone recommending a program is typically doing it just to earn a commission and not necessarily because they think you can benefit from the program), do not take the ‘one-time offer(s)’. It’s a bit like dropping parts of your pay check into random letterboxes on the way home from work.

please put your money into my letterbox - one-time-offers

I think that you’ll agree that an upgrade that allows you to send daily emails to 8500 members when the site only has 1500 members and is actually shrinking isn’t a particularly good investment (Hmmmm, not the best decision I've ever made! - due diligence not one of my best).

So, before putting cash into a business, spend some time to find out if it is going to be money well spent.

Be aware that nine out of ten internet-based products, programs, or “systems” just plain don’t work. Worse yet… they may be outright scams.

Do your due diligence.