Traffic Exchanges & Mailers – what went wrong?

more work required

Additional areas that definitely need work by a number of owners

Support tickets must be answered promptly and politely. Owners/Admins have a responsibility to run their business professionally as their actions reflect on all industry members. While I understand that a number of tickets can be unpleasant, lowering yourself to the same level does not benefit anyone. No matter how hard it may be, be polite rather than nasty. Not answering is even worse and does nothing to improve your member’s perception of you or the industry. And suspending members without any communication – just cos you’re the owner and you can – isn’t very adult. Communicate.

Commissions must be paid when due. If things are a bit tight at the moment, communicate that to your member and give them a reasonable expected payment date. Tell them the truth, not what you think they want to hear and not what you think you can get away with. You’d be surprised how easily lies are spotted and you may even be surprised to hear that dishonesty really pisses people off.

Allow members/prospective members/suspended members to open a support ticket (or whatever communication system you use) without having to log in first.

Let members/prospective members/suspended members know who you are. While making ownership clear doesn’t guarantee honest ownership, the lack of ownership information suggests dishonest ownership.
what next?
What next?

Help to clean up the industry before more payment processors follow PayPal’s lead.

  • Ensure all your terms and policies make it clear what is acceptable and what is not – and monitor you advertisers.
  • Remove the emphasis from the affiliate program in your advertising and definitely don’t advertise rewards just for introducing referrals.
  • Ensure you have no illegal material anywhere on your site.
  • Don’t allow any member to advertise a site that contains illegal material.
  • Don’t promote sites (including in your downline builder) that allow questionable material.