Affiliate Program Acceptable Use Policy

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This section introduces the Affiliate Program and outlines the rules associated with the Affiliate Program.

Because we would like as many people as possible to know about the information and tools that we have available on this site, we will reward you for helping us to advertise this site.

These rewards are available to both paying and non-paying members.

The referral builder (you may have seen it referred to elsewhere as a downline builder (I've also seen it listed as 'Friends' on one site)) is a system where you can add your affiliate ID to all external sites listed on that offer an affiliate program.
You are not required to add your affiliate ID to any of the external sites.
If a member who you have referred joins one of the external sites via a referral link on and you have added your ID, they will join that site as your referral. Otherwise, they will join as a referral of the member who referred you to
Adding your ID to all builders on all the sites you belong to can have a dramatic impact on your total number of referrals, but we have no control over any of these external sites, so we suggest that you check the policies and terms & conditions of all sites prior to joining.

Affiliate Program - how it works and Acceptable Use

If you choose to promote, we will offer any help we can in assisting with your promotions, but we will not tolerate any illegal practices.

We monitor all advertising and signups. The use of incentives to encourage signups will result in the immediate suspension of your account and may include publicly listing any or all of your personal details.

Incentives include any type of reward including

  1. cash;
  2. price reduction;
  3. rebate;
  4. commission;
  5. credit;
  6. any other consideration:

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By joining this website we assume you accept this Affiliate Program Acceptable Use Policy in full.
If you have any questions about our Affiliate Program Acceptable Use Policy, please contact us prior to joining:

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