LFMTE mods

The Traffic Exchange Script (LFMTE) script enhancements.

Mods are licensed per domain and prices are in US dollars.
The license is valid for the lifetime of the mod (no repeat billing) and includes any updates.

These mods require the cURL extension to be enabled on your server.
cURL is a required extension for LFMTE, so this should not be a problem.
You can check that cURL is enabled by opening the View Advanced Server/PHP Info link
at the bottom of the 'Settings - System Settings' page and searching for curl.

Start your own traffic exchange. Get unlimited licenses of the LFMTE script free.
Don't own the LFMTE script but wanting to start your own Traffic Exchange?
Purchase mods to the value of $97.00 or more and receive unlimited licenses of the LFMTE script at no additional cost.

Mod nameDescriptionVersionPriceStatus
compsmodCompetitions mod.1.5$147.00Getting a make over.
sqbanmodSquare banner add-in mod1.5$147.00Getting a make over.
pawidgetMembers ads pending approval widget1.5$47.00Getting a make over.
loginlogseasrchPer member login log display mod & widget1.5$47.00Getting a make over.
ccwidgetMember Credit/Impression Stats widget2.1$47.00Available for purchase.
qswidgetMember quick search widget1.5$0.00Available for download.
autoassignAuto-assign views mod0.5$127.00Testing @ Traffic Exchange Results.
2manyadsMembers with too many ads0.5$47.00Testing @ Traffic Exchange Results.
testimonialsMember testimonials. 0.5$25.00Testing @ Traffic Exchange Results.
surficonrSurf icon calendar.0.1$25.00In development.
adclearRemove deleted members ads.0.1$25.00In development.

Current Credits widget

As owners we know that balancing your business inventory (Step 6 of the LFM Mentor Program) is essential.

But the details of how many allocated/unallocated credits and impressions you have on your site are not easy to extract.

The 'Current Credits' widget displays the number of ads in your database.
It shows you how many have no views allocated, and it shows you how many have views allocated.

It also displays the total number of views in the database. Both allocated and unallocated.

With this information you can quickly check your balances.
Are you giving away/selling too many credits/impressions or not enough?
Do you need to encourage your members to assign impressions to their advertisements?

Sample output -
Current Credits widget

Installation: Download installer from the your products & keys page, unzip and run. Exactly the same as the LFM script installs.

Site changes:
  • New files uploaded
    • pt56ok_install_ccwidget.php
      uploaded to the root folder of your site. Can be deleted after install is completed.
    • pt56ok_creditstats.php
      uploaded to /admin/widgets/
    • cron_mods.php
      uploaded to /pt56ok/. Folder created if not already there.
  • Existing files modified
  • Database table structures modified
  • Database tables added
    • pt56ok_mods
      contains licensing and version details of the mod
  • Database tables modified
    • oto_widgets & oto_widgetpositions
      installs the widget onto the admin page.
    • oto_cronjobs
      Adds cron job if not already installed to check for updates



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