LFMTE mods

The Traffic Exchange Script (LFMTE) script enhancements.

Mods are licensed per domain and prices are in US dollars.
The license is valid for the lifetime of the mod (no repeat billing) and includes any updates.

These mods require the cURL extension to be enabled on your server.
cURL is a required extension for LFMTE, so this should not be a problem.
You can check that cURL is enabled by opening the View Advanced Server/PHP Info link
at the bottom of the 'Settings - System Settings' page and searching for curl.

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Mod nameDescriptionVersionPriceStatus
compsmodCompetitions mod.1.5$147.00Getting a make over.
sqbanmodSquare banner add-in mod1.5$147.00Getting a make over.
pawidgetMembers ads pending approval widget1.5$47.00Getting a make over.
loginlogseasrchPer member login log display mod & widget1.5$47.00Getting a make over.
ccwidgetMember Credit/Impression Stats widget2.1$47.00Available for purchase.
qswidgetMember quick search widget1.5$0.00Available for download.
autoassignAuto-assign views mod0.5$127.00Testing @ Traffic Exchange Results.
2manyadsMembers with too many ads0.5$47.00Testing @ Traffic Exchange Results.
testimonialsMember testimonials. 0.5$25.00Testing @ Traffic Exchange Results.
surficonrSurf icon calendar.0.1$25.00In development.
adclearRemove deleted members ads.0.1$25.00In development.

Square banner add-in mod.

This mod requires the LFMTE Square Banners add-in. It will not work if you haven't purchased and installed the add-in.
The mod does not modify the add-in. It runs beside the add-in using the same sqban_iplog database table.

The mod was developed because

  • The method the original add-in uses to display banners causes the same banner to be selected multiple times. The faster the server, the more obvious the problem.
  • The method the original add-in uses to display banners also made it impossible to locate a banner you saw in rotation because the banner id is not used when displaying the banner.

This mod uses a different method to select a number of banners to display which makes it impossible to display the same banner more than once (unless you have fewer banners with credits assigned than you are going to display - in which case, impressions are not subtracted for additional displays).
It is still possible to see the same image more than once, but the images are from different advertisements.
Both the add-in and the mod select the banners to display by selecting the banner with credits assigned which was displayed longer ago than all other banners. So banners are typically displayed in the order they were added to the database. If one person adds the same image twice, or if two members add the same image, and this happens at about the same time, those two images will often appear in the same banner block.

The mod also uses the bannerid for the image so, if you see a banner in circulation with a broken image link or inappropriate content, hovering the mouse over the banner will show you the id. This makes it easy to find the banner in the database.

I have also allowed some customisation of the block of banners, and to save different block 'styles'. Once a style has been saved, it can be used in different layouts by changing the variables that are passed to pt56ok_showsqban.php.

And, because I was making those changes
I have added the option to allow members to earn credits by displaying banner blocks on their web sites. This can be disabled if you don't wish to offer it. To see this demonstrated, log on to Traffic Exchange Results and check the 'Results Boosters - Auto-earn credits' page.

  • Credits can be awarded per banner shown, or per block of banners shown. Only unique views are credited. You can set how many views are considered unique within a number of hours from an ip address. Keep in mind, a blog site may have numerous pages displaying blocks of banners so multiple views for one IP is possible. Views which aren't unique do not deduct impressions.
  • You can set a maximum number of credits per view. For example, if you are offering credits per banner displayed and a member creates a massive block of banners, you may want to limit the number of credits.
  • You can set the number of styles each membership is able to save.
  • How many credits per view can be displayed or hidden in the members area.
  • If you think a member is cheating, members can be excluded from earning credits. If a member is excluded, banners they display do not have impressions subtracted.
  • In testing mode, impressions are not deducted from displayed banners


Installation: Download installer, unzip and run. Exactly the same as the LFM script installs.

Site changes:
  • New files uploaded
    • pt56ok_install_sqbannercodegenerator.php
      uploaded to the root folder of your site. Can be deleted after install is completed.
    • pt56ok_sqbannercodegenerator.php
      uploaded to /
      used for both admin and members
    • pt56ok_showsqban.php
      uploaded to /
      Displays the block of square banners.
    • pt56ok_macros.php
      uploaded to /
      adds the squarebannerblock macro for use in templates.
    • sqbancron.php
      uploaded to /pt56ok/
      removes old log entries from database
  • Existing files modified
  • Database table structures modified
  • Database tables added
    • pt56ok_sqbansettings
    • pt56ok_sqbancodegenerator
    • pt56ok_sqbanlog
  • Database tables modified
    • oto_adminmenu
      Adds a Pete's mods Admin menu item if it's not already installed and adds the Square Banner code generator menu item.
      Optionally also adds a 'Check crons' item to the menu which runs /admin/croncheck.php to display the current state of the site cron jobs.
    • oto_extra_funcs
      Adds pt56ok_macros.php to the list of functions so the macro can be converted to a banner block
    • oto_cronjobs
      Adds cron job if not already installed to check for updates

Admin mod configuration.
Square Banner mod config

Admin generating the code to display a block of banners.
Square Banner mod code generator

Admin banner display statistics.
Square Banner mod stats



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